Offender Engagement Enterprise Software

Acivilate’s Pokket℠ mobile-friendly software combines collaborative offender-facing case plans, lightweight electronic monitoring, and communications tools, including chat and controlled video. Pokket's design is informed by extensive field research and by educational theories and techniques that are proven to foster learning. Our customers use Pokket to create a comprehensive network that bridges the gaps between justice agencies, human services providers, faith-based organizations, and offenders, and provides for a more successful reentry.

Corrections, P&P, Offenders, and Partners
  • Inmate Communications
  • Reentry Planning & Execution
  • Electronic Supervision
  • Remote Inreach
  • Community Partner Engagement

Enterprise-Grade Technology
  • SaaS or License model
  • AWS GovCloud for secure data
  • AWS Chime for video (WebRTC)
  • CJIS, HIPAA, 42 CFR Part 2
  • SOC-2 Type 2 Audit
  • Real-time “selfies” for identity verification
  • GPS location services for monitoring
  • Secure facility and community uses
  • Avoid MDM & Asset Management Pains
  • SSO & Data Lake Options
  • Mobile-First, Desktop-Friendly
  • Privacy-compliant information sharing

Easy to Pilot and Launch
  • SaaS Launch in days
  • License Launch in 2 weeks
  • Bulk Account Provisioning
  • Data Exchange Options
  • Partner Network Control

  • Remote secure inreach with video
  • Bridge prison to community with one plan
  • Reduce FTAs with SMS reminders
  • Save staff time with offender self-service
  • Triage struggling cases
  • Get real-time offender comms & updates
  • Achieve continuity of care
  • Reduce agent risk via remote curfew
  • Measure & manage partner engagement

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