About the Company

We are a majority woman-owned technology social enterprise – a dedicated team of experienced professionals  who care and measure outcomes and interventions to ensure success.

  • Acivilate was established in 2014
  • Delaware C Corporation headquartered in Atlanta, GA
  • Member of the Atlanta Technology Development Center (ATDC)
  • NIGP: 952-15, 920-40
  • NAICS: 541512, 541511
  • Acivilate Practices Fair Hiring
  • Pokket is deployed on the Amazon Web Services GovCloud environment for security, compliance and reliability
Who we are

Our Management Team

The Acivilate leadership team brings together individuals with different expertise spanning criminal justice, social services, technology and business. We are united in the mission to improve outcomes for everyone involved in criminal justice, from law enforcement and the courts, to correctional and supervision officers, human service professionals and faith-based volunteers, and most importantly, the returning citizen and their family.

Louise Wasilewski

Louise Wasilewski started Acivilate to create second chances for justice-involved individuals. She spent twenty-five years in business and technical roles in media and communications technology innovation helping introducing streaming TV and operating secure cloud-based services. Her experience includes KPMG Consulting, operational and technical responsibilities at Cox Communications, and sales, marketing, business development and product management at various technology vendors.

Louise Wasilewski is a member of the DeKalb County Reentry and Recidivism Task Force Steering Committee in metro Atlanta, the Greater Gwinnett Reentry Alliance, the Emerging Technology Committee of the Integrated Justice Information Systems Institute and the National Criminal Justice Association. She has spoken at the American Correctional Association and the American Probation and Parole Association, and was published in Policy and Practice. She is passionate about improving criminal justice outcomes because it is an issue that has affected her family.

Ms. Wasilewski holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Aerospace Systems Engineering from Southampton University and an MBA from Emory University. She holds four patents.

Darryl DeFreese

Darryl DeFreese brings to the company 30 years of experience in business process analysis, international standards, systems architecture, and software development. He designed the security systems and billing interfaces for Scientific-Atlanta's digital cable network and is considered an industry expert in those interfaces. DeFreese started his career implementing one of the first health and human services IT systems in Georgia. He subsequently worked with three start-up software and communications companies and was a founder of N2Broadband, acquired by Tandberg Television.

Darryl has eleven patents. He is the recipient of a Technology Emmy Award. He holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of Georgia.

John Winston Smith
VP Curriculum

John Winston Smith leads the team in project management, software QA testing, and customer support. Smith brings 40 years of individual contributions and leadership in the research and development of technical products and services, engineering management and early stage companies. His diverse background also includes adult education and human services. Immediately prior to joining Acivilate he served five years as Chief Operations Officer for a housing facility assisting homeless families with children. During his technical career, he also worked bi-vocationally as a Chaplain in clinical settings, facilitated a prison hospice education program, and provided pastoral care and counseling in several local congregations.

John holds a Bachelor degree from Shorter University, a Master degree from Emory University, and a Doctorate from Columbia Theological Seminary with all studies focused on adapting educational theory and process to provide adults with support in transitioning through crisis situations. He served in the U.S. Air Force with a top-secret clearance.