Acivilate Announces Partnership with Golden Health Initiative

Acivilate, Inc. and Golden Health Initiative are pleased to announce their partnership designed to deliver telehealth clinical services for high-risk, low-income populations and improve outcomes through the management of social determinants of health and the provision of compensated, trained life coaches attached to community-based organizations. This novel model uniquely aligns incentives across the care delivery ecosystem and addresses pressing financial and operational gaps at every level. A recent Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Accountable Health Communities report1 found that only 14% of high risk beneficiaries actually got their needs met. Furthermore, the partnership is focused on working with grassroots organizations to ensure vulnerable people have access to housing, income, behavioral health care, and other social determinants that account for over half of health outcomes.

Each stakeholder receives these benefits from the arrangement:

  • Specialized clinical care not previously available, without having the expense and inconvenience of traveling to the doctor’s office
  • Remote patient monitoring equipment without having to make a prohibitive upfront out-of-pocket purchase
  • A community-based care coordinator to ensure that social determinants referrals are completed successfully and that a cross-provider improvement plan can be constructed and executed
  • A trusted relationship with their coach-coordinator so that patient has someone to turn to when they are struggling, which may address the onset of depression
  • Training and support tools that improve their effectiveness
  • Financial compensation for providing reliable services
Community-Based Organizations (CBOs)
  • Earned revenue that can use to cover overhead and service delivery expenses including coach compensation
  • Earned revenues that may be used as matching funds to raise grant funding
  • Training and clinical supervision to increase the efficacy of services
  • Reduction in time wasted in the coordination of referrals
  • Warm handoff referrals to entities the CBO did not know
  • A higher value relationship between the patient and the CBO that will increase contact retention and achieve better outcomes reporting to funders
  • Interaction and activity metric reports that support applications for grants and funding
Primary Care Physicians
  • The ability to offer more advanced services without having to carry the salary cost of clinicians
  • Net new income from a new service line to stabilize practice finances2
  • An increased flow of pre-qualified patients with appropriate insurance, and additional staffing support
  • Lower expenses due to reduced emergency department visits and hospital admissions
State Agencies
  • When State agencies such as Departments of Correction, Children’s and Family Services, Health Care Cost Containment Systems, Victims’ Services, Veterans Services and others enroll their clients in the model, we expect that more stable clients will successfully complete programs resulting in:
    • Lower rates of re-incarceration for justice-involved people
    • Birth parents recovering custody of their children more quickly
    • Foster youth becoming better attached to society and succeeding
    • Reduced costs for Medicaid and Medicare programs
    • Veterans re-attaching to society after serving our country and getting the trauma caused by that service addressed.
Tax Payers
  • New clinical and semi-skilled in-state jobs, contributing to payroll and income taxes
  • Improved care continuity for high-risk patients reduces the burden on state Medicaid programs, which are partly funded by state taxes and partly through federally assessed taxes.

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