Easy three-step activation gets agencies up and running in days

Atlanta, GA March 17, 2020 – Government agencies can now launch Acivilate’s Pokket℠ app within days for confidential engagement of vulnerable citizens as prolonged work at home becomes necessary during the COVID-19 pandemic. Pokket allows government agencies to secure the health and well-being of its staff and citizens by minimizing the need for face-to-face contact, allowing all parties to collaborate and check-in via their smartphone. Uses for the app include curfew check-in for those on probation and parole, continuity of care for at-risk children, or self-isolation for social services clients under quarantine.

“Pokket℠, designed for health and human services agencies and clients, has successfully supported departments of correction since 2017, long before the COVID-19 crisis put staff and clients at risk,” said Louise Wasilewski, CEO. “The Pokket℠ mobile web-app is a case management tool your clients can use so they are accountable and continue to receive the support needed during this challenging time. We stand ready to meet states’ needs.”

With Acivilate’s support, three steps get agencies up and running in days, instead of months:

  • Step 1: Share staff and client contact information with Acivilate to rapidly activate remote collaboration.
  • Step 2: Train staff, in an hour, with user-friendly videos and tutorials on YouTube.
  • Step 3: Launch staff and then clients onto the Pokket app to support a sustained period of remote engagement. Clients can also learn to use Pokket from short videos.

Acivilate will be hands-on through preparation, training and deployment to ensure that the launch is successful for all involved. The Pokket℠ app is an adaptable and reliable technology partner in this time of crisis.

For more information:
Kathryn Harben
(404) 405 4930
About Acivilate

Acivilate, Inc. created Pokket℠, a leading web-based human services and criminal justice collaboration platform connecting justice agencies and human services providers with vulnerable and returning citizens to help break the cycle of re-incarceration and poverty. By supporting agencies in improving outcomes through information-sharing, service coordination and rehabilitation planning, along with empowering vulnerable individuals to transition towards self-management, Acivilate transforms second chances. The PokketSM app is currently in use by justice agencies in Georgia, Utah and North Carolina to manage the rehabilitation process and reduce recidivism. Acivilate is a Delaware C Corporation based in Atlanta.

About Pokket℠

Pokket℠ is designed for security and privacy to meet the needs of criminal justice and health and human services agencies. With its recently secured SOC-2 Type 2 audit, PokketSM provides enhanced safety and security for staff and clients during the COVID-19 pandemic in AWS GovCloud. The app also automatically maintains an audit record, protecting your staff from liability claims with real-time documentation of interactions. These PokketSM critical functions empower your staff and citizens to stay safe and connected:

SMS Text Reminders: Send clients automatic reminders for appointments and discrete or recurring tasks via cellphone, including links to virtual meetings. Message alerts stay private.
Broadcast Messaging: Share critical information with large or targeted groups of clients on their cellphones so they can be sure who the information is coming from.
Private messaging: With one-to-one two-way messaging, case managers advise and encourage high risk, worried or sick clients - from the safety of their own home.
Selfie check-ins: Verify justice-involved clients are complying with curfew without jeopardizing team members’ safety. Also validates self-reported isolation.
File sharing: Securely exchange confidential documents with clients.
Work queues: Set up backstops so team members work off a common queue of client message requests. Copy and paste into your system; no need to change your workflows.
Case Plans: Assign clients action items, and see clients check them off when complete.
Dashboard: Using the login dashboard, show clients what to do today and tomorrow.
Electronic referrals: Manage referrals to services without the client having to attend and complete a clipboard. Eligibility, ruleout, and narrative intake questions are supported.